Children's vision

A healthy childhood is a key building block for a bright future.

At Birmingham Children’s Hospital our internationally recognised colleagues welcome children from our local communities and from across the UK. Their unifying mission is to fix, rebuild and cement the foundations from which lives can be refreshed and secured for future years.

This work happens in spite of rather than because of the Victorian era environment in which they have to deliver 21st Century care. It’s a site that needs £763 million in work if we tried to repair what’s currently there up to an acceptable standard.

But The Big Build can deliver that and so much more.

The vision for the future of the Birmingham Children’s Hospital is a big ambitious one. It provides not only better, but more inpatient accommodation.

Children's Vision

Through the creation of a new state of the art building, it provides extra operating theatres so that more young lives can be saved and improved and waiting times cut so that as many moments of childhood as possible can be used to create the memories for a lifetime.

Outcomes will be improved as patients benefit from rapid access to high quality diagnostics and optimum therapeutic interventions.

The Big Build can also provide space and the amenities to bring in the latest imaging and diagnostic technologies, like an intraoperative MRI to support extra critical care capacity. Also, importantly allowing the relocation and modernisation of the Emergency Department, enhancing the vital Major Trauma services we provide for the most seriously injured across the region.

This new hospital will have the ability to reach out across not only local communities but regionally and nationally, putting an arm around some of the country’s most unwell young lives. With half of the children in England and Wales within 150km of the hospital the city’s excellent transport links make its care accessible for families. Its services will be even easier to reach with the arrival of HS2 just a short walk away in the years ahead.

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