The Bigger Picture

Our plans will have a wide impact on the regional economy as the West Midlands looks to rebuild to recover from the pandemic.

Birmingham and the West Midlands region have been amongst the hardest hit by the economic impact of the pandemic. The city of Birmingham is predicted to be ‘one of the worst hit cities globally’ based on research.

The region has plans to rebuild and ‘level up’ during the recovery; The Big Build can have a major impact in that. By investing in the future of the health of young people and women there will also be financial benefits for the broader economy with the project providing jobs and injecting cash into the local economy.

By continuing to be based in the city centre Birmingham Children’s Hospital also acts as a stimulus for the area bringing in patients and visitors. Studies have shown the economic benefit of hospitals to a city centre and the detrimental impact that occurs when those services are removed.

The Big Build plans can also further stimulate the local economy by being a driver for research and innovation. The investment will unlock potential at both sites with innovation and incubator space to help grow new ideas, treatment and technologies. Securing the future of the Women’s Hospital will also compliment the Life Sciences Park being developed in Edgbaston where new ideas will be encouraged to grow.

Proposed Life Sciences Park

Proposed Life Sciences Park

The West Midlands green agenda will also be supported through the investment in both sites, with environmentally friendly and efficient heating and cooling part of the vision. There will also be a focus on encouraging green travel with better connections to public transport and facilities for cycling, all of which will contribute to the region’s green net zero target for 2041.

The Big Build also supports the long term targets for the broader NHS strategy both regionally and nationally. As an important anchor institution of the local NHS Strategic Transformation Partnership (STP) the Trust has an opportunity to realise wide improvements for patients. The local STP is supportive of The Big Build and has identified it as a high priority, subject to meeting affordability criteria. The plans are also supportive of both national NHS directives and a number of areas of best practice, as outlined by Royal Colleges and other bodies.

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