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Help us make an important Big Build decision for our wards

Our Big Build project, where we hope to build new hospitals on both our Edgbaston and city centre sites, kicked off in 2020 and we are now looking for your ideas on how our inpatient wards should be laid out in our planned Women’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital buildings.

At the moment, most patients are cared for in open wards, with several patients in each area, sharing the same toilet facilities and separated by drawable curtains. In our new buildings, most inpatient beds will be in single rooms.

Our review of the evidence, and current NHS design standards, means that at least 70% of our new beds will be single rooms. However, we can choose to have more than this if it’s the right thing to do. This is going to be a big change to how staying at our hospital feels, and we want your help, either as a patient, parent or member of staff, to help us make some key decisions. 

We need to decide whether all our standard inpatient beds should be single rooms, or if we should make it possible for some patients to be cared for in shared rooms of up to four patients.

We want to hear your experience and views, whether you are a patient, a parent, relative or carer, and/or a member of staff at BWC NHS. If you’ve not experienced shared or single rooms, we’ve included some images on the survey to help you get a feel.

Fill in our survey to ensure your feedback will help to shape the future of women’s and children’s care in Birmingham and beyond.

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Big Build progress and your feedback

We’re using surveys to get patient, family and staff input on design priorities, such as single rooms, so that by April we can share with the architects and design team details of what needs to be included in our buildings. Over the summer, we’ll then continue thinking about the look and feel of our buildings, and how they’re laid out.

In autumn of 2021 we’ll need to present the next stage of our plans in a document called an Outline Business Case. This will be an important step in getting support for the £442 million investment we need to develop our new hospital buildings, making them ready for the future.